Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Nonalcoholic plan

Everyone seems to know that eating, drinking, and shows are a big deal on cruises. When you think about it, these activities take on heightened importance when you are in the middle of an ocean and the scenery does not change much.

Certain activities come without an additional fee. You can drink all of the water you want unless it comes in a bottle or fizzes. You can visit the buffet whenever and have dining room meals for the base price. However, if you want coffee or soda or alcohol, this will cost extra. The open bar plan sounds great, but I could not drink the amount of alcohol to have an advantage over paying for individual drinks. However, we did purchase the nonalcoholic beverage plan. While I only require an occasional beer or glass of wine, I do need my coffee.

This plan is great. You can take your coffee to any location if you want, but I prefer to sit in the coffee bar chatting with Cindy, reading a book, or writing this stuff and having a double expresso and lattes. This is just like home without the ocean view and the lack business people doing their thing. The clientele here are more likely to discuss their other cruises, grandkids or their health. I sometimes have a croissant or danish, but so far I have been able to avoid the cheese cakesr. 


  1. Some cruise ships allow you to bring your own alcohol on board at the start of the trip and when visiting ports. We usually on Disney bring some wine & beer for our room and check out port cities for interesting local beer & wine.

  2. On one cruise (done 6) the couple assigned to our table for dinners (in their 30s) told us they take 8-12 cruises per year! They had taken over 100 cruises. Talk about intimidating. Felt like a beginner learning to walk!