Tuesday, April 24, 2018


I know this is off topic, but doesn’t this picture look a lot like Hillary Clinton? This is not a political question. This is not a question of good versus evil. I took this picture because it showed the local drink of Cartagena -  asiatico  -  but I thought the woman in the image looked very much like Hillary. OK - disregard if you can’t see it, too.

So, today we explored a few sites in Cartagena, Spain. Mostly we walked and with the steepness in several locations, it was quite strenuous. We hadn't been on foot for more than the first half hour when a gentleman was on the pavement. There was some kind of emergency personnel drill going on in the city which turned out to be a good thing. A fire truck rolling by stopped and he was administered aid by the firemen. No pictures. I thought that would be crass.

The history here offers so much. In general, very complicated with many battles and control by different groups. This is the case with Cartagena. I feel sorry for the middle school students who probably have to master this history. A small section of the original wall surrounding the original city as a defense invaders has been preserved. The date given for this structure was 3 BC. The construction is interesting as it consists of parallel walls with space inside for soldiers and storage.

Tomb area associated with this section of protective wall.

So, Hillary and I shared a couple of asiaticos and this dish of paella during our free time before heading back to the boat. 

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