Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Queen's Tea at Glen Eyrie

Natasha took us to Queen's Tea at the Glen Eyrie Castle. As I understand the story, Glen Eyrie was the wife of the Colorado Springs city founder and ended up in this foreign land missing Ireland. Her husband who had become quite wealthy built her this residence to provide a bit of her homeland. The grounds and buildings have been developed to promote their historical value.

I should probably search for Queen's Tea online so I know more about what I experienced. I am not exactly a tea fancier, but I do drink tea on occasion and did enjoy the tea options made available to us and the accompanying delicacies.

The castle itself and the grounds were spectacular especially against the background of the mountains.

We have visited some similar historical sites over the years, Somewhere I know I have pictures of the estate of a Hawaiian sugar baron that has been preserved. Ironically, we could not help but note that the Pillsbury house in Minneapolis had recently based razed because there was no one to take it over  so the prime land was desired for development. 

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