Friday, September 29, 2017

I should not complain, but ...

I understand that not having access to the internet for a few days or hours may be good for me. I understand that I am not actually suffering and I have plenty of options to entertain myself. Still, the Missouri State Parks should not make a big deal out of providing internet as a new feature of their modernization efforts if their internet is not working.

We moved our camper to Branson, MO. Yes, I understand that this is a super tourist area with water parks, duck boats, country singers, salt water taffy, etc. and I know my kids will laugh at us for calling this a camping adventure, but after complaining about no internet I might as well go all of the way.

Back to the internet thing. There were signs in the office and I was given a brochure. It explained that the state recognized that many folks like to check their email and post pictures of their adventures on  Facebook. Who would not want to visit Missouri after viewing my photos? The brochure gave basic advice on how to connect to the hotspots that are available on the roofs of each shower building and warned visitors that you might want to consider not making credit card purchases and might want to install a virus protector. I hiked around the campground sitting outside several shower buildings without luck. I mentioned the problem to a couple of maintenance girls. They pointed at the devices on top of the building, but I suggested they try their phones if they did not believe me. They said they would tell someone. It is really just the principle of the thing. We have our own mobile hotspot and our phones would work to allow us to connect using our computers or iPads. It is just the principle of the thing. If they just did not have that brochure.

On another topic. it is national coffee day. Of the many special celebrations that are possible, I never miss national coffee day.

I paid my respects by purchasing a couple of no fat lattes and an unusual apple thing that I could have with ice cream or a slice of cheese. The barista said that folks up north sometimes eat their apple pie with a slice of cheese. I said that I did know that, but I prefer ice cream.

OK - moving on.

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