Sunday, January 31, 2016

My haven

One of the secrets to keeping me happy while on the road is to allow me to escape from shopping. I love coffee shops and everyone has more fun when I can visit a local shop as an alternative. Today's visit was to Amavida Coffee. A plaque on the counter declared them winner of the Reader's Choice award (coffee category) in Saint Andrews, FL, for 2015. What you see here is my usual (when available) - Cafe au lait (pretty much regular coffee with steamed milk). 

There do not seem to be as many coffee shops in Florida as I usually encounter, but there are some different items on the menu. I decided to try an Espresso Cubano in addition to my regular drink. This turned out to be a double shot espresso pull over raw sugar. Very good. Several of their espresso drinks have a "southern influence". I am about at my caffeine limit for the next several hours so I will wait to try something else until another day.

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