Thursday, March 1, 2018

Artist or botanist

Kauai is often referred to as the garden island. You would get no argument from me. The vegetation is dense and beautiful. I have many photos just of flowers.

I was thinking about whether posting pictures of interesting vegetation should be allowed. Just to have something useful to offer it would seem you should know the name of the plant and preferably provide something interesting about that plant before a blog post should be considered legal. The only thing I have actually learned about plants here is what ginger looks like and where it comes from. I guess I also know a little more about Taro, but I already knew a little so that probably does not count.

I decided I should be able to offer a flower photo from time to time legitimized as art. I am not certain that my photography rises to the level of artistic, but I am closer with these examples as an artist than as a botanist.

So, rather than post the basic beautiful flower pic, I will provide an occasional image that I think is interesting. Here are a couple images I collected along a path we walked today. These are not actually flowers (I think) - one is past the flowering stage and the second is just strange and I have no real idea which parts of the second one are a legitimate flower. I may be conpletely wrong on both counts, but what does an artist know?

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