Sunday, February 26, 2017

Gnome Nodding or Nodding Gnome

Preston and I, the two sickies, were sitting in the shade of a picnic shelter while the others boogie boarded and did the other things you do in the surf. The was the first day out of the condo for me.

We were playing and analyzing the best strategies for Hangman when I noted this strange formation on a nearby tree. BTW - we were using the magnetic pieces version and not the free form paper version. Obviously, we decided if you are allowed to add toes and fingers you should never get hung.

"Preston, do you see that funny thing on that tree", I asked.

"Yes, it looks like a person", Preston replied.

So, we decided to take a picture and get the right angle to emphasize the human form. We agreed this was acceptable and I did not want to spend more time experimenting in the sun so we retreated back to the shade.

I posted the result to Instagram with the title Gnome Nodding. Then I starting thinking was Gnome Nodding grammatically correct or should it be Nodding Gnome. I went with Gnome Nodding because this seemed to be the way artwork is titled. Maybe this is what they call artistic license.

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